Guia Practica Peinados Mallas Valencia Falla Fallera Pelo Mono (Practical How To Tutorial DIY Fallera Hair) Part 1: Long Winded Introduction

How it started:

I saw these gorgeous pictures on the internet.

stormwatch org Girls_in_historical_Valencian_costumes with princess leia hair

From wikipedia (of course, the source of so many awesome things learned)

And I thought the obvious thing, right? Why don’t people in North America wear this? It’s too awesome NOT to wear!

It is the hairstyle worn by the women in the Valencia region of Sunny Spain. It is primarily worn for the festival Falles, which honors Saint Joseph. From what I have read, Falles is quite a amazing holiday, a little like Mardi Gras, Thanksgiving Day, and New Years (parades, incredible parade floats, costumes, holiday food, a sense of community, all those fun things that make up a great holiday).

Spanish ladies, already known for their elegance, style, and grace (Flamenco dresses, anyone? Or those gorgeous huge mantilla combs?) take it to a new level of fantastico in Valencia. These women, called Fallera, wear tradititonal, historical-inspired intricate dresses and regal hairstyles with combs (peinetas) that basically look like crowns.

Just like I feel like the Indian sari is the epitome of elegant clothing, the Fallera hair may well be the epitome of elegant coiffure.

So I spent hours trying to find a way to be able to have this gold-standard of ‘dos on my own personal head, and 2 things of interest were found.

Number 1 is this awesome post by the awesome Verbose Vagabond: How To Create Fallera Hair

Number 2 was a listing on by a woman in the United Kingdom selling a set of the 3 brass peineta combs for $54 with shipping.

Needless to say, I bought those combs, and I am grateful to God to have them.

In all my research, there were 2 problems:

1. All the websites vending Fallera hair accessories were, of course, in Spanish, which I do not speak.

2. The prices (in both Euros and U.S.A. dollars) are HIGH. This stuff is expensive. And each piece tends to be sold separately, not everything in one kit.

So that sucked.


where there is a will, there is a way. And I felt DETERMINED to get that awesome Fallera Hair look, and on the ultra cheap. So I did.

This Introduction concludes Part 1 of my practical guide on how to make your own Fallera hairstyle for very few pesos (comparatively).

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