Guia Practica Peinados Mallas Valencia Falla Fallera Pelo Mono (Practical How To Tutorial DIY Fallera Hair) Part 3: Make Your Own Rolletes De Pelo Rodilletes For Cheap

Mono (big piece with twists and braids) and 2 rodilletes also called rolletes (spirals)

Oddly enough, the rodilletes (also called rolletes), the coils or spiral rolled pieces of hair for above the ears, were a lot harder for me to figure out how to make than the large mono. But I finally figured out a way to make some that look acceptable, and for very little money.


The 2 Pieces Of Hair Set Aside When You Made The Mono

Darning Needle

Upholstery Thread That Matches The Hair Color

HotGlue Gun (Mini Size Is Fine)

HotGlue Sticks For HotGlue Gun

2 Elastic Bands (Rubber Bands Or Little “Mary” Elastic Bands For Hair)

Non-Stick / Non-Porous Working Surface (I Used The Back Of A Large Pan, Like A Cookie Sheet Pan) That You Could Easily Pull Hot Glue Off Of

Something To Listen To So As To Not Be Bored


Do you remember how we carefully set aside 2 pieces of hair from the 2 Kanekalon fake hair bundles (also known as yaky jumbo braids) while making the mono? They were supposed to be about 1/4 (0.25) inch (0.64 cm) in diameter when tightly pinched. You need them now!

Take 1 of the hanks of hair we had set aside (remember, approximately 1/4 inch (0.64 cm) thickness when tightly pinched between your fingers) and tightly tie 1 of the ends with 1 of the elastic bands.

Grab your non-stick surface (like a large, flat baking sheet pan) and put it on your lap. Plug in your hotglue gun and put in a hotglue stick. After a minute or 2 the hotglue will be hot and melting. Put a glob of hotglue in the middle of the pan. Then press in the part of the hair with the elastic band on it, like in this picture:

doyoudesigntoo wordpress com Fallera pelo hair rolletes hot glue part 1

Let the hotglue cool and harden.


After the hotglue is cool and solid, start twisting the hair. Twist a inch or 2 (3 to 5 cm), then, while holding tightly, make a circle of hotglue on the pan about 1/2 inch in diameter (1.25 cm) in diameter. Leave the middle empty. When you wear the rolletes, you need to be able to pull your own hair through the small hole and pin it with a couple of fancy pins to hold the rodilletes onto your head, like you can see in these reference pictures:

Then, gently press the hair in the circle of hotglue. Hold it there for a minute to make sure it hardens and doesn’t move. The circle should close by gluing the twist over the elastic band, hiding the elastic band. YAY! You have made the first revolution of the rodillete. The rodillete will have about 7 revolutions.

doyoudesigntoo wordpress com Fallera Falla pelo hair how to guia practica rolletes rodilletes hot glue part 2


1.) It is SUPER HOT. If you have worked with hotglue before, you know how painful it can be to accidentally touch hot hotglue. If not, be really careful. It can be very painful. Plus, when you yank your hand back it will stretch the hotglue into those annoying ultra-thin strands that get everywhere.

2.) For this project, use a even, medium amount of hotglue. If you use too little as you go, it won’t really hold, and when you go to pull the rodillete off the pan, it will come apart horribly. If you use too much, it will be gobby and get everywhere and

A.) will seep between the revolutions of the hair, looking shiny and globby and ugly. It will be very visible and not hidden like it should be

B.) will not leave gaps for the needle to go through when you go to sew the last revolution of hair.

So use a good medium, even amount of hotglue.

Keep twisting 1 or 2 inches at a time, and then putting some glue next to the previous revolution, then gently pressing the twist gently and carefully on top of the hotglue. BE CAREFUL NOT TO LET THE HOTGLUE SEEP UP BETWEEN REVOLUTIONS.

When you have made about 5 revolutions, or notice you have only enough hair for a little more than 1 more revolution, STOP! The last revolution must be sewed.

STOP! When your rodillete gets to this point, STOP! We will being sewing it from this point on.

STOP! When your rodillete gets to this point, STOP! We will being sewing it from this point on.


Now that you have 1 more revolution left to make, you need to sew it into place, not hotglue it. Go ahead and ask why.


Because if you don’t, no matter how careful you are, the glue will probably show around the edges, and when you go to wear them they will be super rigid and thus look un-natural and the shiny, globby glue will show around the edges and look horribly obvious and cheap. By sewing the last revolution, you hide from sight the glue edging the previous revolution and add a little more flexibility so it can be adjusted better and look more natural when you put them on and style them. It just looks so much better.


I tried (twice!) to sew the whole thing from the beginning. But darn it. I could not get it to be firm and tight. It looked slack and sloppy and would not stay right. Hotglue held it tightly and perfectly and made it flexible-ish but firm.

Okay, curiosity sated, let’s go.

Carefully peel the rodillete off of the work surface.

Thread your needle with a yard (1 meter) of thread or more and knot the thread to the needle.

This will be pretty much exactly like when we sewed the twists around the double-twist on the mono.

Twist a couple of inches of the remaining tail of hair, and on the back (the side with all the hotglue, obviously) sew halfway through the previous revolution and the twist so that the thread doesn’t show through to the front. Sew in a diagonal slanting the opposite way as the diagonal way the hair twists. Tie the first stitch to the rodillete. The now hard hotglue should have some holes and gaps. Good! These will allow your needle to pass through them. If you don’t have enough gaps though, you can just push your needle through the hotglue without much problem.

doyoudesigntoo wordpress com Fallera Hair how to guaia practica pelo rolletes rodilletes sewing last revolution back

doyoudesigntoo wordpress com Fallera Hair how to guaia practica pelo rolletes rodilletes sewing last revolution front

Keep twisting the hair and stitching it on until you come near the end of the hair. Knot and tie the thread to secure the last stitch.

Get the hotglue gun back out and just hotglue the last little bit of the tail that you didn’t sew because it was getting too thin and wispy.

doyoudesigntoo wordpress com Fallera Hair how to guaia practica pelo rolletes rodilletes hotglue tail

Like this.
Also, notice the way the stitches were made if you didn’t understand what I was saying about sewing opposite diagonals to the way the hair twists.

Do the same thing with the other lock of hair left over from making the mono so you have 2 rodilletes when you are done.

When you are all finished, remember to unplug the hotglue gun!


doyoudesigntoo wordpress com Fallera Hair how to guaia practica pelo rolletes rodilletes FINISHED

Dimensions:  3 3/8 (or 3.375) inches (8.57 cm) in diameter (across)

Get ready to make the 4 fancy hairpins (aderezo agujas en Espanol) on the cheap! In depth expose on how to do that in the next post!

Many, many thanks to Tiffany, the fantastic Verbose Vagabond for answering so many questions and being a inspiration. Not to mention her blog is just plain fascinating.

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Comment and let me know what you think! Got questions? Noticed a mistake? Leave a comment on that too! Got a request for another project or post? Talk to me! Leave a comment! I would be delighted!


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