Guia Practica Peinados Mallas Valencia Falla Fallera Pelo Mono (Practical How To Tutorial DIY Fallera Hair) Part 6: The Grand Culmination: How To Dress Up Your Head With All The Stuff You Made For Cheap

So I watched the video with my best friend.


I held onto my head and she did the coiffeur work.

And this is the result:

doyoudesigntoo wordpress com Fallera Hair for Saint Patricks Day

doyoudesigntoo wordpress com Fallera Hair for Saint Patricks Day side

Oh yeah.

Thanks for hanging out with me. Hope you get/got to make/have your own Fallera Hair. I hope you are inspired to do something cool, because you can darn it.


I wore this out to Casa Ole (restaurant) today and it started a interesting conversation with the waiter who, as it turns out, spent part of his childhood living in Spain. So be yourself even if you are a bit unconventional because:

sweetsunnyb tumblr quote looking who you are inside

Once again, thanks to the lovely Tiffany, The Verbose Vagabond (who has a step by step tutorial on how to put together Fallera Hair also), who gave me information, inspiration, and encouragement. Without her kind words and advice, I probably wouldn’t have done all this.

All written parts and pictures that were made by me belong in THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. That’s right. They belong to you and me and every other living thing. Mozel Tov!

Feel like shopping for exotic authentic awesomeness? Check out RAVARLAGARI on etsy.



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