God Is The Greatest Designer

Adventure Time Science

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I’ve been doing some deep thinking and got on a science jag. And since science is simply discovering the workings behind God’s design, I thought it would be appropriate to blow your mind. We actually watched the third video, which was designed by the Eames, in one of my interior design classes. And that of course reminded me of Adventure Time and the Glasses of Nerdicon (episode: “The Real You”).

Deep thought: Everything around you, that you see or touch or know, is empty space and energy. And outer space is vast swarths of empty space, with enormous countless galaxies (which are still expanding…do you ever stop and think that the “Nothingness” of Genesis is still there, the vaccuum of space. And that the creation of light and dark hasn’t stopped. Like we are still LIVING IN GENESIS IN THE BEGINNING). Is the whole known universe simply a atom in something unknowably huge?





We watched this is a design class. It was partially made by the Eames.

This is the same thing but different:






God is so much bigger than all of us, I think this is quite likely. He likes to keep things interesting it seems.

I saw chlorophyll like this in real life in a biology class, and my mind was completely blown. These tiny, green, funny car-looking things are feeding just about every plant on Earth, all the time. It seemed like such a happy miracle.


Just for fun:



Need your daily dose of rage? Ever wondered why people distrust the government? Read this:


Uh, hello? Seriously, why weren’t these put in a gold reliquary in the Smithsonian Institution or the Houston Space Center? One of the most precious historical artifacts ever was treated like a piece of carbonpaper waste? This is so stupid it is only exceeded by the fact that NASA almost didn’t have the Lunar Landing recorded at all. And for the record, none of this super important stuff was ever taught to me in school. When I looked this up, I could not remember the name of the astronaut who didn’t get to go on the Moon (Michael Collins), the actual mission’s name (Apollo 11), or the date (July 20, 1969). Shameful.

Read more about the incredible story of the designing of the Westinghouse camera used to record the Lunar Landing (it had to use 7 watts, the power of 1 Christmas tree lightbulb): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_TV_camera

More Great Science Channels:





http://www.youtube.com/user/NationalGeographic?feature=watch (especially http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zxa6P73Awcg&list=FLerMatbJXxas23MvlsR1Gxg&index=37)



http://www.youtube.com/user/CartoonsInEnglish2?feature= (has Magic School Bus episodes)–don’t forget Disney’s Amazing Animals and Bill Nye The Science GuyAdventure Time Science splosion

Adventure Time Science Dance 1

Adventure Time Science Dance                       ani-lavalamp17 dreamontoyz com


Bill Nye the Science Guy                                              insideinsides com pumpkin

From www.insideinsides.blogspot.com


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