Another Dream House And Architecture, Design, And Decor Inspiration From Sea Shells

In honor of one of June’s birthstones being the pearl (Happy Birthday Mom!)…

karipearls com abalone pearl


ferrebeekeeper wordpress com melo melo snail Sun Pearl

Melo Melo cone snail pearl. It looks like the Sun. Cuz you know, nature is infinite similarity in infinite variety.

karipearls com 6ct-conch-pearl-with-flame-21713959

Shimmery pink Conch pearl

karipearls com wampum quahog-pearl-on-the-shell

Quahog wampum bivalve purple-white gradiated ombre pearl

gemstonemayhem com how pearls are made Natural-Pearls-300x256

Tropical oyster pearls

tennesseeriverpearls com flat freshwater pearls

Flat pearls

sfu. ca buddha pearls

Buddha-shaped cultured pearls!

Ammoniteammolite freerepublic com

And this is what happens to mother-of-pearl (nacre) when it is fossilized. It just doesn’t stop being awesome. It is called ammolite, from the creatures called ammonites.

nautilus cup tumblr

I wish I owned one of these nautilus cups

When I was young, I watched the 1967 musical version of the film “Doctor Dolittle”. Besides finding a complete kindred spirit in the good doctor (I feel like animals are people too. And it always struck me as perverse that animals are bred for the sole purpose of being slaughtered and eaten. Not surprisingly, I am a vegetarian now), I completely was in love with the idea of living inside of the Great Pink Sea Snail. I didn’t realize it until I was grown, but I will watch a movie for 3 reasons: to laugh, to cheer when the good guys make a great escape, and the main reason, for the set design. I love imagining myself being in beautiful and interesting places. It is little wonder I want to be a set designer now.

But anyways, I would sometimes watch the entire movie JUST to see the 30 seconds or so of the incredible, lustrous, dreamy interior of the Great Pink Sea Snail. In fact, I bought the DVD just to take screen shots of it to share with you (and myself).doyoudesigntoo wordpress com Doctor Dolittle Great Pink Sea Snail Inside shell

doyoudesigntoo wordpress com Doctor Dolittle Great Pink Sea Snail Inside shell 2 doyoudesigntoo wordpress com Doctor Dolittle Great Pink Sea Snail Inside shell 3

Awesome right? Anyone else with me on this?

And here is yet another reason why Adventure Time is one of the best cartoons ever (at 0:30):

Ok, so this completely awesome architect, Javier Seniosiain, from Mexico (I bought his book “Organic Architecture” by the way. Totally worth it. It is so COOL) basically built another of my dream houses, but way cooler than I could really have imagined (namely, the living room):

Javier Senosian Casa de Nautilus House 1

b3-bond com Javier Senosiain shell living roomNautilus House, Unique

Javier Senosian Casa de Nautilus House 3

timbuktu. me shell Senosiain nautilus-house-interior

timbuktu. me nautilus-house-by-javier-senosiain-the-design-inspired-by-sea-shell

Javier Senosian Casa de Nautilus House 5

bookmarc. com. au Nautilus-House-by-Javier-Senosiain living room

Javier Senosian Casa de Nautilus House 2 clippings com senosiain nautilus house shower awesomeness

home-reviews com nautilus-house-by-javier-senosiain-the-design-inspired-by-shell bathroom sinktheownerbuildernetwork. com. au The-Nautilus-House Senosiain shell sea shell faucetbookmarc. com. au Nautilus-House-by-Javier-Senosiain living room

Javier Senosian Casa de Nautilus House 4

Magali Mayorga, or, luckiest woman in the universe, owner of Senosiain Nautilus House adamwiseman photoshelter com

Magali Mayorga, the owner of the Nautilus House and obviously probably the luckiest person in the world

Obviously, something this radical has a cult following (yes, I am part of it). For example, this person made a cool Senosiain Nautilus House cake:

craftster org Javier Senosiain Tasty Nautilus House by Kaeleira

From, by Kaeleira

More Design and Decor Awesomeness from Shells:


A shell house ferrocement mexico

Mexicans have a penchant for living in awesome houses I guess.

harmonyandhome blogspot com conch moonsnail shell house

chattelblog. us la concha motel inn neon museum shell

The lobby of the La Concha Motel was almost torn down, but preservationists (God bless every one of you!) saved it. It was cut into pieces, transported, and happily reassembled at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas: La Concha Motel. Boomerang Baroque style? Photo '79.

john-uk com las vegas nevada la concha inn motel rendering shell

Architect Paul Revere Williams designed this.

Roadsidepictures flickr HELP Las Vegas, Nevada the La Concha Motell Inn Shell Hotel

preservationnation org La Concha Motel lobby Las Vegas, Nevada

Look at that carpet! In the 1960’s, nobody did anything half-way it seems!


sforsnail com pink_snails

a-go-gos com snail shell wall

Awesome idea (from Harvard’s colourful shell exhibit): glue orderly rows of colorful shells on the wall.

innovationusa com nautilus wallpaper

motherofpearl wall marieburgosdesign com

penthouse apartment at the hilton lagoon apartments tony duquette crushed abalone

Abalone walls by design master Tony Duquette.

seashell oyster shell wall art panel mauticalcottage blog com

Cheaper do-it-yourself idea of Tony Duquette’s masterpiece.
Dara Rosenfeld design, oyster wall panels by Thomas Boog (scroll through the pictures to find it)

bystephanielynn com shell shadow boxes its the little things

tuvaluhome com shell mirror wreath tuvaluhome com natural multi shell wreath luulla com seashell beach decor wreathws exposuresonline com nantucket shell wreath lululla com beach decor shell pearl wreath nantucketshelldesigns com scallop wreath 90  01.16.12

etsy com artonthehalfshell oyster plate clock

Valspar Brilliant Metals Paint

I actually have this “Brilliant Metals” on my wall in color “Blue Illusion”. It is so lovely and so awesome. They also have a “Brushed Pearl” line too.


Doug Henderson_Mosasaur and Ammonites Montana

Mosasaur and Ammonite in Montana, by one of my all time favorite artists, Doug Henderson. Click the picture to check out his awesome eBay store where you can buy this and many other incredible prints.

michael whelan

Think this is unrealistic or surrealistic? Check this out:

Michael Whelan  Asylum

By Michael Whelan

hennie haworth oysters


Madonna Inn California restaurant giant clam shell sinks alleewillis com

Check this out. Seriously. CLICK ON THIS PICTURE. CHECK IT OUT.


A 3b42_1

Correctly identified as a sink in one of the cottages at Coco Palms Resort Hotel in Kauai, Hawaii. Thanks a million Niki! (I couldn’t remember the source but she did and she let me know!)


superiorshowersolutions com LuxuryOutdoorBeachShower fundo nautilo designer shower


beestonblog com shell bed on castle boulevard



peakofchic com shell bed

Basically, anything in the “Italian grotto” style is fabulous.

hickorymanorhouse com shell canopy bed


D3 152_large

Another one I can’t find the source for! If you know it, please let me know! Definitely a mid-century modern Tiki restaurant. I LOVE those giant shells as ceiling lights!

dwellingbydevore com CSN lighting  midnite blue capiz chandelier critiki com shell light

apatmentthaerapy com shell chandelier

essenze nautilus swag light

kirklands com coral nigh light 15 dollars

Awesome resin coral light from Kirklands…and only $15! I want a few of these for my bathroom.


design-crisis com giant shell chair

homedecorarcade com beach-style-decor-shell-decoration marthastewart decorating with shells

ShellamarAbalone paul-f com teleconcepts inc telephones

doyoudesigntoo wordpress com Pink plaster ceramic mid-century antique garage sale pink snails front (1)

I found these at a garage sale for less than $1. I’m (obviously) a pink snail fanatic, so I felt pretty blessed.

doyoudesigntoo wordpress com Pink plaster ceramic mid-century antique garage sale pink snails back


Adventure Time Science

CONCHAS! (I could easily eat my own weight in these delightful Mexican pastries):

lickthebowlgood com pan dulce conchas calivintage com pink concha

Overpriced but neat shell purses by Chanel:

butterhorshoes com chanel sea shell clutch


Tonka Keypers Pink Snail etsy com UncleJohnsBand

I played with this Tonka Pink Snail Keyper (well, not this exact one, my own) when I was a kid and it was one of my favorite toys. Picture from

Did I leave out something cool? Let me know! Leave a comment below!


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