HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Spooky Spanish Moss and Terrifying Tillandsias

I have always loved air plants, but I have been really getting into them lately. They are awesome on many levels, from a scientific standpoint, to green/healthy environment, and, most especially the mood they create when used in decor. I wanted to share my favorite ideas I have seen. It’s awesome!

This is so creepy-cool. I don’t know why, but I find this utterly appealing:

macphersonarchitecture blogspot com tillandsia air plant idea Spanish moss decor French designer Patrick Nadeau

Idea by Patrick Nadeau for Biffo

ebay mexican wrought iron chandelier tillandsia Spanish moss idea

I love the idea of live Spanish moss draped all over the branches of a wrought iron Hacienda/Spanish style chandelier. Spooky chic.

inhabitat com livinglight tillandsia lamp

Although, if you are more mod, there is this awesome thing called a LIVE LAMP. Real tillandsias growing all over a simple glowing globe. Check it out at Inhabitat.com

Or make one of those cool bubble chandeliers with glass balls from CB2.com

simplychimerica wordpress com diy_bubble_chandelier CB2

Like this with instructions at simplychimerica.wordpress.com

But with a bunch of those glass tillandsia holder ornaments instead, kind of like this:


pinterest com unaodd blogspot com tillandsia skull

I’m not a fan of dead animal parts, especially heads, on the walls, but I kind this kind of appealing. From unaodd blog

hawkhouse etsy vertebrae tillandsia holder

CREEPY. Vertebrae tillandsia holder. Very Halloween-ish.

And then there is the incredible Bardessono Hotel in Yountville, California, which has a living wall of tillandsias (also called air plants). Incredible, right? All photos from Apartmenttherapy.com.

apartmenttherapy com tillandsia wall garden at Bardessono hotel 4 apartmenttherapy com tillandsia wall garden at Bardessono hotel 3

apartmenttherapy com tillandsia wall garden at Bardessono hotel 1

apartmenttherapy com tillandsia wall garden at Bardessono hotel 2

In case you are wondering, the tillandsias are held in by these seriously over-priced things called Thigmotropes:

thigmotrope satellite tillandsia holders florgrubb com 2

A screw and some rods welded or soldered together. From FloraGrubb.com

thigmotrope satellite tillandsia holders florgrubb com

You can do cool things with them…

thigmotrope satellite tillandsia holders florgrubb com stairway

But the cheap-skate/poverty ridden person in me says that sinking the stem of these alligator clip photo-holds would work just as well:

displays2go com alligator photo clip stand tillandsia holder

You could have your own spooky forest in your house (or Dagoba-esque swamp, if you prefer) by putting a truncated trunk covered with tillandsias in your house, on a micro scale…

apartmentf15 blogspot com tillandsia bathroom awesome branch

Isn’t this elegant and classic like a tropical resort retreat? It is actually someone’s house. Check out ApartmentF15 blog.

Small scale…

Or on a LARGE scale (I want this):

And of course, there are a bazillion cute variations of what you can do with them, like this:

sprouthome com air plants horse sculpture tillandsia funny art

From SproutHome.com

And this:

apartmentf15 blogspot com tillandsia nautilus

Kind of looks like a nautilus animal like this.
From ApartmentF15 again.

And this:

beach cottage boutique etsy Christmas creche manger nativity scene drift wood and tillandsias

Beach Cottage Boutique was offering this sweet driftwood nativity scene with small tillandsia foliage on etsy.

And this:

peacocktaco etsy Christmas tillandsias

Christmas epiphytes? Hannukah bushes for your desk (or Barbie dolls, lol)?
From PeacockTaco on etsy.

And all manner of really awesome wedding stuff (and I don’t even like weddings, but if I was having a party or something and had no limit to money or preparation time or skill, I would totally do these):

Bouquets/”Floral” arrangements: (They stay alive long after the event! Isn’t that the best! And so visually interesting and awesome!)

pinterest com 2013 wedding trends tillandsia and bromeliad bouquet

Tillandsias are actually a type of bromeliad, it shows strongly here. From ubettsrentaldesign.com.

jennathanwedding blogspot com jenny and nathans wedding tillandsia bouquet and boutennier landmark-vineyards-wedding-photographer-014 air plants

Matching boutonniere 😀

eucca floral on etsy tillandsia and staghorn fern living plantable bouquet 85 dollars

This one has more staghorn fern than tillandsias, but I love it so much I included it anyway. You can plant the staghorn fern as well! By Euca Floral on etsy.

plectrumbanjo com amazing cascading living bouquet Unusual-wedding-bouquet-with-succulents-and-air-plants

This is so gorgeous. A living wall like this would be amazing. From plectumbanjo.com

societybride com tillandsia cake

Oh yeah, they make a fabulous garnish too! From SocietyBride.com

I love how you can make a light-weight living room divider with them by poking them into little holes, even when a full-scale ultimate living wall isn’t practical:

greenweddingshoes com tillandsia airplant-bouquet1

This is actually a bouquet on a chair, but I think it would be cool if you had some large, rigid mesh like that and you put the tillandsias in the holes and made room dividers. Like in the background of the picture below.

joelix com -tillandsia-air-plants screen room divider

Look in the background. See the cool living tillandsia screen/room divider?

Make a shower rain-chain:

lajoliefleur com tillandsia rope ladder rain chains

Or jewelry (Mmmmmm…love. So zany.)

They aren’t very expensive, you can get 50 for $50 or 100 for $100 on etsy:

jtlcreations etsy 100 tillandsias for 100 dollars from Florida

100 tillandsias for $100 from JTLCREATIONS on etsy. They also offer smaller quantities as well.

So did anyone else load up on these ceramic pumpkin tillandsias at the after Halloween sale this year?

amazon com ceramic pumpkin tillandsia

I think these are from Hirt’s Gardens

If you don’t know much about them science-wise:




Share your favorite decorative use of tillandsias or other airplants or epiphytes in the comments!


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