Happy Thanksgiving Day (Celtic Dream Silverware)

You know what silverware I wish I could eat Thanksgiving meal with? My own set of this gorgeous 4th Century A.D. Byzantium-style knife, fork, and spoon crafted by the Crafty Celts. It just looks the way silverware should look, to me.

craftycelts com Byzantium silverware

Source: http://www.craftycelts.com/Silverware.html Fork – Knife – Spoon 3 piece set costs $450 (at the time of this posting) Shown with thistle terminals (decorative ends)

2015-05-19_10-51_Silverware from Crafty Celts

Source: http://www.craftycelts.com/Silverware.html Terminal (decorative end) choices: stylized Boar, Raven, Thistle, or Wolf


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