Happy Dr. Seuss Day And Happy Texas Independence Day!!!

March 2 is both Texas Indendence Day and Dr. Seuss’s birthday. How did I celebrate? By visiting the R. C. Miller Public Library in Beaumont, Texas, which happens to have this fantastic, groovy, Dr. Seuss-esque sculpture of a card catalog (titled “Vintage Search Engine”, sculpted by Jerolyn Bahm-Colombik and Roger Colombik to honor Ben S. Woodhead, Jr. for his service at the R. C. Miller Library) outside by the back entrance. They sell the BEST selection of books for $1 apiece in the back of the library there.


So much to love about this fantastic Seuss-y library cars catalog sculpture with house book-ends, a dog, and a picture frame with a carving of R. C. Miller (?) in it


There is a light that they illuminate this Seuss-y statue with and a plaque with a inscription that reads: Ben S. Woodhead, Jr. Courtyard in recognition of his vision and dedication to the Miller Library Vintage Search Engine Jerolyn Bahm-Colombik & Roger Colombia Wimberly, TX 2014



I bought 35 awesome books I can’t wait to read. “Waste” by Tristram Stuart was featured as the cover story on this mont’s March 2016 issue of National Geographic! The “Wreck This Journal” is unused, and everyone seems to recommend “The 4-Hour Work Week”. It was a great birthday present to get on Dr. Seuss’s birthday. I just bought as many as I wanted. It was a great feeling. That doesn’t happen all the time.


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